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I’ve been where you are, and I’ve come out the other side.

Hey, I´m Sandra.

Public Accountant,


Gestalt Psychotherapist,

Kundalini yoga and meditation instructor,

Ontological Coach,

Life and Weight Loss Coach,

Many different medical and artistic certifications, activities, and studies.


I lived the “perfect” executive life, but it didn’t feel as complete.

People called me a workaholic. I believed it.


Started testing with some adjustments and changes.

I invested effort, time, and money.


Came up with a new way of living.

I created a successful personal life.... without professional success.

It seemed I could only have one or the other.


 I was fighting against going back to workaholism.

Struggle was hard.

I had a successful work life.

I didn't feel as successful in my personal life.


But, it wasn´t until I merged my activities, technical skills, and personal traits, including owning and understanding the advantages of being born in Mexico and raised in the US, that made the difference.


Today, I’m exactly where I am supposed to be, and
I know, where I want to go next, is perfectly attainable

I love my work life

I love my personal life

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