I’ve been where you are, and I’ve come out the other side.

Hey, I´m Sandra.

I am a Public Accountant and Psychologist that started learning Psychology at age 12, working in a kindergarten as a nanny. I saw how babies’ falls and fails, are non-existent, they are just learning, joyfully. They are living today, as we adults say- in the here and now- and just keep on moving forward. They can have a rollercoaster of emotions every day and express them without apology. Right there I fell in love with human development and the connection between body and mind, neuroscience, and all studies related. I knew I wanted to study Psychology, since that moment, and so I did.  


I lived the “perfect” executive life, but it didn’t feel as complete.

I was looking for mySelf.

My professional corporate career was amazingly successful, in many managing positions related to my CPA major, but I had no idea that my leadership style was called coaching. In my mind, I had the belief that all humans want to learn and grow. After some experiences that would not be exactly confirming such belief, I just wasn't sure anymore.


I had a Revelation

In 2016, I found the missing piece, so I obtained my second coaching certification as a Life Coach. It was what I was missing to completely leave my Accounting path- which I have always loved and enjoyed- to now go into my "helping others feel, learn and grow" path and becoming more of themselves. 


Today, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, and I know, where I want to go next, is perfectly attainable

I had had an amazing professional path where my bicultural component I had enjoyed including, even though, sometimes the "I am not Mexican enough for Mexico and not American enough for the US" kicked in. It became a struggle between Psychology and Coaching; also, between Mexican or American and fully embracing me being bicultural. We are all a result of two cultures, at the least- your mom and your dad- even if born in the same city and neighbors all their lives, still, they are two cultures. So, Mexican, American, or whatever, it only should add up and have a compound effect. A nice one. Human development should remain intact.

Then came my experience with Gestalt psychotherapy. It blew my mind. It made me confirm we do all keep on learning and growing, resistance comes from fear, especially, fear to feel. Then, I heard about coaching and obtained my first certification as an Ontological Coach. Still, something was missing for me to complete my confidence building on what I felt so true about human development.


Today, I’m practicing coaching for those who need a new perspective.

Human development had been very clear throughout my life, with small moments of doubt but never something I could completely leave behind or deny. Here is where my latina story comes in. I struggled between offering Gestalt psychotherapy (which includes using my meditation, yoga, and art training- yep- dancing, acting, etc.) or Coaching. Trying to be respectful of methodologies I was not going to combine therapy with coaching. My belief about human development was strong, but not what my offering would be and especially not whom I was going to offer it to. I thought, in Mexico, I could offer one or the other. The thing was, I was leaving out the bicultural part of me that I am so proud of. I was born in Mexico. As the daughter of an ex-pat, raised in the US. Imagine, I even came back to Mexico without speaking Spanish.


So now, because I embrace who I am and where I come from I am an Executive, Career, and Life Coach.