What I Do

I coach you to uncover your true self and embrace your authenticity. I accompany you as you discover and express your unique self. Your priorities and passions become clear, and that results in living in integrity.

I use all of my tools to help you rewrite your past, find your purpose, and live your passion. This is not a going through the branches solution — this coaching gets to the root cause of your mental blocks. It’s not one-size-fits-all coaching, it is as unique as your individuality and your multicultural identity.  We take the ingredients of your life and create your own personal recipe for success and happiness. 


Upbringing is determined by education, learning about limits, and social codes. You interiorized what you were taught to create your beliefs. Yet, they are not yours even though you think so. Something inside tells you, they are not. As an adult, you do not have to throw it all away, you can rewrite your beliefs in a way that they become yours because they serve you. The responsibility of doing so gives you the ability to respond to the best of your ability and so, you are free. 


You’ll become confident as you develop your own beliefs and definitions of “work-life balance”, “career success”, and you’ll be able to feel emotion easily and without apology. You’ll start living intentionally, no longer going “by the book”, but creating your own book.


Who I Work With

My clients come to me from all over the world.  Albany, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, United States, and Venezuela, just to name a few.  


Are you like them?


Your friends think and say “you have everything”.


But something is missing.  


You’re proud of what you’ve done, but the fulfillment, and joy are missing.  


Ring a bell?  I know it’s sometimes hard to admit that there are parts of your life that, even though they sound great and make you feel proud, still are not quite meaningful. From the outside, everyone thinks your life is so great.

I’ll show you the power of intentional living through intentional thinking. I will help you see yourself—and the world you interact with— in a different light.


What We Do Together

To live a life full of happiness and meaning, from what you do to who you are—isn’t that what each one of us really wants?— And the path to achieve that is as unique to each individual as their journey in life.  


In 1:1 private coaching, I’ll help you:


1:: Get comfortable with where you are today.


2:: Embrace the special things that got you to where you are today.


3:: Identify your uniqueness.


4:: Reveal your real personality, wishes, goals, dreams and desires.


5:: Develop a plan to make your deepest desires come true.


6:: Embrace the truest, best version of you.

Getting Started

Are you ready to rewrite the values that define you and identify those elements that make your life meaningful? Here are the first steps to exploring if working together is a great fit: