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You feel a conflict between your personal and professional life.

Excel at your job.

Excel as a leader… at your job and life.

Excel as a manager… at your job and life.

Excel as a team player… at your job and life.

Excel in your life.

What if you could come up with your own definitions for

“work-life balance”,

“career success”,

“meaningful life”, and any other,

and be able to implement them.


Learn the power of intentional living through intentional thinking.

See yourself —and the world you interact with— in a different light.


What We Do Together.

My approach offers a combination of Executive, Leadership, Career, and Life Coaching to support the interflow between all areas of work and life, including hobbies and studies.

We work on life skills, emotional intelligence, career development, and leadership style.

Tune up your skills.

Learn some new ones.

I offer you two ways to work with me:

1:: In 6 sessions of 1:1 private coaching, I’ll help you work on one topic around work or your personal life.

2:: In my 9-month program of 1:1 private coaching, we work on your life and work.

Getting Started

 To explore if working together is a great fit......

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