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Nan S.
(Paris, France)

I’ve wanted to be at my optimal weight since the age of 16 but I’ve never been able to manage my mind and as a consequence I yo-yo dieted, so I knew I needed a coach to help me get things into perspective.

Two months ago, when I started being coached by Sandra. I’ve realized I craved chocolate especially when I was in situations I felt were awkward to me, like meeting and talking to other people. Sandra told me to focus on the sensations of the chocolate in my body and I’ve understood since then that I don’t really like the super strongly-flavoured one (90%) I used to eat. It was just comfort food but not so comforting or satisfying to me in fact.

Sandra also made me realize I was more flexible than I thought, depending on the situations, I can be relaxed and simply adapt to whatever comes up. It’s my choice. I can select the thoughts which best serve me.


During the first two sessions, I felt very self-conscious and vulnerable, especially since I’m usually shy and introverted. But Sandra’s holding the space, listening to me without judging, made it much easier. It actually made all the difference – I was the one judging myself, she wasn’t. She was simply fascinated with my belief system and helped me become aware of it.


Sandra taught me to download my thoughts and I really like this exercise – it’s both easy and efficient and I come up with so many “brain gems!”

I also started having a lot of fun and laughing with Sandra about some of my thoughts which didn’t make any sense, like following my hunger cues as a woman but not as a mum to show my kids how important it is to eat their vegetables.


Today I’m able to run a Model and do an efficient Thought Download because Sandra taught me how to and they’re fun!


As to me, I know it’s a never-ending and fascinating work – as long as I breathe, thoughts will cross my mind and it will be fascinating to explore them. I’m looking forward to that journey. What a gift Sandra has given me! And yet, even if she’s taught me the tools, sometimes I’ll still need some perspective to get unstuck from my thoughts… I know I’ll also need help to get right models, where the thoughts and results match. Her input, her work, is priceless.


Thank you so much, Sandra!

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